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Factors such as stress, contaminated air, alcohol, poor water quality, smoking, unhealthy food and prescription drugs deplete the human body of vitamin C.  This is a water-soluble nutrient, which is not stored in your system and needs to be constantly replenished. Vitamin C helps the immune system to be strong and healthy, so that it may protect the organism from illness and disease.

In our day and age our fruits and vegetables do not contain as much vitamin C to protect our bodies.  When the immune system is down, the body is more susceptible to colds, viruses, and all sorts of illnesses.  A person’s body is not able to produce Vitamin C on its own, so the source of it may only come from a strictly balanced diet with a high dosage of Vitamin C, which is not always easy to follow.

Vitamin C stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, supports the liver, and protects the body from poisoning that can be caused by polluted air, contaminants, and unhealthy foods.  People with heart issues are required to take higher dosages of Vitamin C, since the hurting organ takes most nutrients to heal itself first.

This vitamin also helps form connective tissue in the body, which keeps all organs and systems together.  Without vitamin C, the connective tissue is not able to restore itself, and the cells are not able to function properly.  This may cause many health issues including cancer.

Vitamin C also lowers high cholesterol levels in the blood.  Deficiency of vitamin C may result in atherosclerosis, pigment spots on skin, and bleeding due to increased vascular permeability.  Vitamin C treats the problem of varicose veins, by strengthening the blood vessels and helping them gain more elasticity.  This vitamin also helps transfer iron from the digestive system to the blood, which is an important process especially for those that suffer from anemia.  Vitamin C plays a role in collagen formation, and is one of the strongest antioxidants there is, fighting against free radicals and factors causing cancers.

The special Nutrilite formula of vitamin C includes extended release, which means that one tablet a day dissolves and is absorbed into your system throughout an 8 hour period, giving your immune system a boost and constantly protecting you from becoming sick.

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