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Glucosamine is an amino sugar, which plays a significant role in joint health. It promotes normal function, heals, repairs and lubricates the joints and bones in your body. It also supports healthy connective tissue. Every time you feel your knees pop, or joints cracking, glucosamine is the best way to treat this condition. This is especially important for athletes, or those into running, hiking, and jogging. The glucosamine formula from Nutrilite contains glucosamine, chondroitin, manganese, boron, and two patented formulas which help the joints heal naturally.

When cartilage is broken down in your body by certain enzymes, this often results in arthritis. Chondroitin helps prevent the deterioration of joint cartilage. It is also knows to naturally relieve joint pain.

Another amazing part of glucosamine from Nutrilite is that it contains manganese. This element strongly influences the skeletal development, bone structure, and is exceptionally vital for healthy growth. Manganese restores your joint cartilage structure, and promotes bone health.

5-Loxin is a patented formula, added to glucosamine. It consists of boswellic acid, which improves joint flexibility and has clinically shown to heal and relieve joint pain in 7 days. It also produces an anti-inflammatory effect in your body. Because of this, boswellic acid may replace the dosage of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and diclofenac, which are frequently prescribed for arthritis and joint pain. More than this, boswellic acid relieves joint stiffness and reduces swelling by increasing blood circulation in the joint tissue, and provides wound-healing effects in the body.

The second patent added to this particular glucosamine formula is the OptiMSM, which helps the body naturally build, reconstruct, and support structures that surround the joints and bones. OptiMSM is the natural source of sulfur which promotes healthy connective tissue.

Olibanum (or frankincense) is also added. It is known to relieve joint pain and because of its anti-inflammatory effects, frankincense promotes tissue regeneration and supports healthy joint function.

Another part of glucosamine is an element called Boron. Scientists believe that there are many modifications of boron, but most of it is found in the form of natural salt of boric acid. The human body naturally contains boron in the bone tissue, which plays an important role in bone formation, density and structure as well as prevents osteoporosis. Boron is tremendously important for joint health. When it is naturally decreased in the body, arthritis rapidly takes place. Boron also aids in healthy growth and bone development in children and teenagers.

Glucosamine from Nutrilite does not contain any artificial preservatives, dyes, or additives.

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