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Carotene (also known as vitamin A) is an essential nutrient which helps the human body in many ways.  Carrots contain more carotene than any other fruit or vegetable and this amazing nutrient is converted into vitamin A in the body.  One of the most amazing works of carotene is that it helps the human eyes adjust to light and keeps them moist and healthy, which prevents many eyesight and health issues.  It is also knows to protect the immune and endocrine systems.  It is involved in all sorts of metabolic processes of the body, breaking down proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Carotene is also known to protect the skin.

Lutein is also a unique carotenoid which is highly important for vision and healthy eyes.  Our eyes are exposed to ultraviolet light and constant stress from computer and TV screens, and lutein is one of the ways to protect your eyes and vision.   Lutein is not produced by the human body because it is found in plants, blooms, flowers and seaweed.  They are full of antioxidants which, as we know, can prevent all kinds of cancers.  It is important to add lutein rich foods to your diet.  The highest vegetable containing lutein is spinach.  It can also be found in pumpkin, green pea, corn, yolk of an egg, and celery.

Zeaxanthin is another incredible carotenoid, very rich in antioxidant content and taken from a yellow plant pigment.  When combined with lutein, it delivers tremendous protection to the cells of the eyes from ultraviolet light as well as neutralizes free radicals.

The supplement I personally take is Multi-Carotene from Nutrilite, containing all three: carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

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