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Sometimes, while dreaming your dreams and focusing on what you really want, you get lost a time or two.  Sometimes, life takes crazy turns, situations turn out not the way you intended them to turn out, and everything you’ve planned out so perfectly, well…doesn’t turn out perfectly like you thought it would.  Sometimes, even after trying really really hard, you continue to hit road blocks, and end up in frustration and despair.

Despite the harsh reality, that dream, that one big thing that we can’t get out of our mind,  it always seems to somehow survive the storm.

Somehow, what we really really want keeps on knocking at our heart’s door and never truly leaves.

Recently, I found myself in this exact situation.  The dream to be completely free and encourage and inspire others, was lost.   In these moments, I tried to justify the situation by telling  myself that maybe its not for me, and that I’ve done all I could, why bother dreaming when there are no real results.

But in doing the ‘other’ things in life not related to my dreams, the thought of freedom, inspiration, and doing the things I love- never left.  The thought of: what I CAN do – kept coming back stronger than the thought of all the things I CAN’T.  

So I decided to come back to my dreams.  This is the reason for this blog. Here, I intend to share information that’s truly from my heart, and real.  I love to talk about health, skin, personal development and deep stuff.  I hope it will  inspire you, encourage you and maybe even help you in some way.  I hope you join me!  

Here is to success, new friendships,  more adventures, exciting discoveries and to staying true to myself and to my dreams.

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